“The True Measure of Any Society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” – Gandhi 



Gerrard Law is an office dedicated to serving those who have had their social security disability application denied. 


Gerrard Law provides strong and compassionate legal representation, to the individual needs of each client. A client does not understand what caused the application to be denied. We go over the case and provide a strategy that meets his/her needs.


“I saw first-hand the need for effective legal representation when working for over twenty years as an advocate for the disabled.   I became aware of the difficulty that a family goes through, often heroically. 

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all advice.  I study the case and keep our clients informed at every step of the way of the options available and which of those options we recommend."

 -Josephine Gerrard



When you are disabled, and the system does not help, it’s easy to become depressed and feel helpless. There is fear of being repeatedly rejected as often happens when you try to navigate the government systems alone.

This is when, if you feel you need help, Gerrard Law works to allow  your life to move on. 

Social Security is a  government resource. However contained within the system are hidden systems, a  set of bureaucratic hoops. Attempting to understand the system the first time through is daunting.  Years can pass before social security denies a case, which is of course frustrating to say the least. 

Gerrard Law knows that anxiety can decrease your ability to be your advocate although you are capable of being very effective in other circumstances. 



You receive a free consultation. If you choose to be represented there is no fee unless you win.  Social Security regulations as to attorney fees are 25% of retroactive disability benefits,  limited to $6,000. 

If a case is unusual, taking more than one hearing  ‘exceptional circumstances’ are pled and if appropriate awarded by the court. In all other cases the standard fee arrangement applies (This relates to taking the case to Federal Court.).




Gerrard Law is a bulldog law firm. We do not give up. We see all disabilities as unique and ensure that clients understand the process and where their record is in the process. We work as a team. Today it is not possible to know all medical, legal dynamics as they apply to the social security system. However, we believe most applications do not answer what is being asked because it is confusing. We have the resources to analyze your case and to present it the most effectively. 


Those with disabilities do not have consistent symptoms. It takes time and energy to go over the case. This often  depletes you, particularly if you are making an effort to to keep yourself going. It is our pledge to you that you will we see you not as a category but a person who exists in the context of society. You deserve respect, and our firm is here to help you. This firm is one of advocacy based on knowledge.



We have: 

1.                                 strong advocacy skills,

2.                                 commitment to be personally available to each client;

We will: 

3.                                 to return phone calls promptly,

4.                                 inform clients regularly of developments in their cases;



 We will meet you at home or within your neighborhood.






Josephine Gerrard obtained her BA from  UC Berkeley in political science and her Masters in Speech Communication from San Francisco State. She was in a Ph.D. program at Penn State in Speech Communications and Speech Science and received JD from Golden Gate University Law school and MS in Communicative Disorders from Cal State Northridge.



Josephine Gerrard won State and National awards  in debate and public speaking in high school and at the University level. She  was San Francisco State's competitive speaking and debate coach (forensics)  She taught both public speaking, group communication and debate the university level,  (UC Berkeley Extension, San Francisco State, Penn State and Diablo Valley College). 

In Law school and after graduation, she worked for  Alameda County  Public Defenders Felony Trial Staff. She received an Externship for the  Supreme Court of California under Rose Byrd. and worked as an appellate writer -  civil and criminal appellate briefs California and US Supreme Coutr) .


While raising her family, Ms. Gerrard received her Masters of Science in Communicative Disorders from Cal State Northridge and worked as a Speech Pathologist, licensed Nationally and with the State of California. She is subsequently aware of disabilities and the consequences of disability upon the ability to fully participate. 

Josephine Gerrard is licensed to practice as an attorney in the State of California. United States District Court, Northern District of California. 

 Call us and we will promptly provide you with a free analysis.